Compressed air management system

Tools to assess efficiency, collect performance data and plan developments of your energy systems.
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Don't guess if you can calculate.
Don't calculate if you can measure.


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FeatureDedicated managment systemEnergy management systemRemote monitoringEquipment monitoring systemSCADAEnergy audit & survey
CALMSMetron, Eniscope, WatticsS4M, VP vision, CS softSAM, iconn, smartlinkInduSoft, iFix, WinCCExcel, Labview, EasyView
Inspection period1-10 years1-10 years1-5 years1-5 years1-5 years1-2 weeks
Sample rate1-5 sec1-60 min10-60 sec60-600 sec1-60 sec1-60 sec


Basic graphs
Advanced graphs and tools
Auto reporting
Key Performance Indicators
Reliability, Financials, Sustainability
Compare with best-in-class
Simulations - digital twin
Import & Export data


Waste management
System review
Audit tools
PI&D overview
Independent expert support

Asset management

Multi System Management
Total cost of ownership
Equipment management
Improvement action analyser
Investment bidding process
Before-after action tracking
Description / SWOTContinuous measurement, detailed analysis with improvment actions, connection with all parties (maintainers, en.managers, external service, auditors), no overview of the entire energyContinuous metering for energy needs, complete energy on one place, from ESCOs or energy/utility companies, no detailed analysis for improvment actions, no connection of all partiesContinuous measurements usually from instrumentation suppliers, ready for analysis, without improvement actionEquipment monitoring for maintennace, warranty, basic system monitoring, from OEM, not brand independentContinuous measurement for real time action, from PLC OEMs, no target analysis, functions limited to operatorsA one-off event based on a review and collection of existing data, used by experts, in-depth analysis applicable to that period, does not cover changes