Case study

Back pressure Flow controller - Beverage multinational company Coca-Cola

VSD turbo blower & control system - Waste water solution AquaSystems

Multiple Flow controller for High pressure PET - Beverage multinational company Coca-Cola

Back pressure flow controller reduce compressor starts - Pharmaceutical company Novartis

Flowmeter drift over time - auto detect sensor calibration

Problems detected and solved with CALMS

  • Excessive system pressure
  • Control setup - optimisation issue
  • Flowmeter drift wrong measurements - auto detection and alerting
  • False starts
  • Pressure drops
  • Excessive motor starts
  • Service problems with inlet valve
  • Control gaps
  • Leakage rate – at various percentages
  • Excellent efficiency VS Terrible efficiency or high cost VS low cost
  • 100% loaded VS 5% loaded or similar scenario
  • VSD too small
  • Vibration problems
  • Filter problems – differential pressure too high
  • Before after scenarios with pressure flow controller
  • Roots blowers vs. variable speed turbo blowers
CALMS Pressure Flow System Controller CFC multiple section control