Compressed Air conference Stockhholm Arlanda 24. Nov

One-day conference Stockholm Thursday 24 November. Wherever you are today, we dare say that attending the conference will lead to a significantly more energy efficient compressed air system. This time the conference is 1 day from 09:00 to 17:00.


Nordic Compressed Air Conference

Finnfjord - Modern Approach to Compressed Air Savings (25. - 26. January 2023) How Energy Crisis is Affecting Compressed Air Compressed air has always been considered the costliest utility, and due to the energy crisis, the pressure on the bottom line has increased significantly.


Compressed air conference in Norway Solo 27 and 28 October

Book your dates for Compressed air conference in Solo Norway 27. to 28. October organized by CATZ . Energy pices are high unpredictable - compressed air is the first utility to start saving with.


Best Practices 2022 EXPO & Conference in Atlanta USA - October 4-6 schedule released!

CALMS will be present with two guest speakers Rok Trelc and Gorazd Bregar and new products and the first compressed air platform with holistic approach. TRACK 2: Tuesday 4th: 8 – 10 AM: Session #1: Compressed Air Compliance with Quality/Safety Management Systems


Compressed air conference in Malmo 22.-23. September

Book your dates for Compressed air conference in Malmö Sweden 22. to 23. September organized by CATZ . Do you want to know exactly how to quickly reducing compressed air consumption?


Compressed air conference in Oslo 9 -10.6

Compressed air is still considered the energy type with the greatest saving potential. As much as 25-50% of all compressed air produced is considered wasted. With low investment, large sums/energy can be saved.


New Generation CFC flow system controller

If you want to stabilise pressure and increase storage in the system you need to familiarize yourself with the new CALMS CFC flow controllers. Linked to the CALMS monitoring system it allows you to section and control pressure and flow into buildings and production lines.


Compressed Air conference Gothenburg

CALMS will be participating in the Compressed Air conference in Gothenburg 19-20 May 2022. Together with Bureau Veritas, Cejn, Festo, Kaeser and LMS-Nordic we will be part of presenting the latest technologies and methods for compressed air management.


Branch office in Sweden to serve the Nordic countries

We have had significant increases of orders and projects in the Nordic countries and have decided to establish a branch office in Gothenburg, Sweden. It will be headed by Daniel Winkler who has vast experience of compressed air projects, monitoring systems, leakage management and compressed air training.


Major release: device configuration

Next week, we are going to release a major update to CALMS platform that changes how edge device configuration is composed. Up until now, one would have to first configure the device (on its separate page), then fill out the system setup page and finally tweak the device configuration until all connections are up and signals are being collected.


Time series migration

After an extended period of development and testing, we are happy to announce a complete redesign of CALMS time series database. It focuses on the exactness and reliability of calculations it makes, so reports and summaries are reproducible and reflect actual measurements that have been taken.


Compressed Air Remote Audit Rentals

In compressed air industry we can see two types of audits. First are detail audits done by independent specialised audit companies and second ones are audits performed by compressed air manufacturers or their service providers.


Compressed air market is changing

New trends are coming also to the conservative industrial compressed air market. This is even more obvious since we are all forced to work in a completely different environment where remote means everything in some cases even survival.