Compressed Air Remote Audit Rentals

In compressed air industry we can see two types of audits. First are detail audits done by independent specialised audit companies and second ones are audits performed by compressed air manufacturers or their service providers.

The first audits are normally detailed taking in assessment everything from supply side to distribution with focus on demand side and production proces optimisation. This can take sometimes even more weeks to complete and cost some money depends on saving potential.

The second ones are normally standardised audits focused on the supply side that is compressor room only, maybe combined with fast leak survey, normally free of charge with the goal to sell new equipment.

The idea of any audit is that it must be independent from solution providers otherwise it is not focusing on process and cost/performance optimisation but rather on finding the best solution or product within suppliers list. Audits should be verification of system performance done by independent experts.

The third option is what we call remote audit which can be done by customers alone. With the help of independent compressed air platform WWW.CALMS.COM customer can select audit equipment based on the compressed air system configuration, such as the number of compressors, etc. The equipment will be send to the customer. It comes with instructions on how to install it and connect it to the cloud platform with 3G gateway, where all data will be collected and automatically analysed and basic report created. The customer will be guided step-by-step through interview, assessments, pictures and P/ID schematics. Users data will be evaluated by selected CAS experts to finalise audit or agree for further detail analysis.

This automatic analysis can get each customer an independent basic analysis that is based on measurements for one to four weeks:

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  • Current (calculated power) of each compressor
  • Pressure upstream and down stream
  • Dew point
  • Flow optional

User Benefits

  • Easy to order, implement and get fast reliable results – low investment low risk
  • Independent basic audit as first step
  • customer can connect to independent CAS experts and auditors to perform detail analysis and ongoing optimisation of complete process
  • End-user can verify performance of compressed air system, equipment and service provider verification as before-after return of investment tracking
  • Evaluation for energy savings and reliability improvements for the complete system
  • Insights with best in class positioning
  • On the platform customer can connect their system improvements to ESCOs for alternative investment
  • Easy to expand for other utilities for energy management
  • Audits and reports are CSA837, ISO11011, ISO50001 compliant


Customer alone with the help of cloud platform and rental equipment can identify 40-60% of savings potential, the rest can be identified by selected independent expert or professional auditor on the same platform. The platform can offer ongoing optimisation and outsourcing of energy utility to selected experts and ESCOs with complete reporting, analysis, simulations and alarming or just once per year independent system or investment verification.