Compressed air management system


CALMS CAL-Edge is a highly sophisticated and affordable remote data logger for compressed air systems. The device connects directly to CALMS web platform which provides real-time access to data from any web browser for any end-user and their service partner.



CALMS CAL-PM is Remote Management System with monitoring, data logger and compressed air control system. The system is doing real-time access to data from any web browser for end-user and their service partner.



CALMS CAL-PM-x EMCS is Energy Management Control System add-on for permanent monitoring CALMS devices. EMCS - Energy Master Control System Often referred to as a system controller or “sequencer”- orchestrates control and monitoring of a multiple-compressor system Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) based Can only use available commands: Start/Stop, Load/Unload, %load with variable compressors or %IGV with centrifugal compressors Works with various compressor makes and models and types May incorporate production schedules and IO signals from production Can be integrated into plant SCADA systems Can control PFCs and SOV, AUX equipment Can help meet “IIoT” goals with remote monitoring GOALS Specific efficiency (m3/min)/kW or (cfm /HP) Specific energy or power (kWh/m3) or (kW/100cfm) No unneeded compressor left running Stable, acceptable system pressure Features CALMS PM-X is a device that is installed in Compressed Air System room and gather data from all connected sensors and equipment and send it to CALMS web application through mobile network; Sending data packages every minute with sample rate 5 sec - scope function 1 sec; Control types of PM-X devices: PM-2 (up to two compressors), PM-4 ( up to 4 compressors), PM-8 ( up to 8 compressors)) PM-16; Many sensors (Pressure, Flow, Temperature, Vibration, Current, Power, Dewpoint, particles and other 4-20mA sensors) can be connected to device; Can read data from many different slave devices (MODBUS RTU, TCP, PROFIBUS, ADS, OPC.


Flow Control

The easiest and most effective way to control compressed air system pressure and flow with an online monitoring application. The CALMS Flow Controller (CFC) & Compressed Air Control System controls Compressors and the airflow/pressure being delivered thereby reducing artificial demand in the Plant.



ULD is USB Ultrasonic microphone for Android smartphones and tablets with driver and application for Compressed Air Leak detection and management with real leak cost calculation.