CALMS CAL-PM-x EMCS is Energy Management Control System add-on for permanent monitoring CALMS devices.

EMCS - Energy Master Control System

  • Often referred to as a system controller or “sequencer”- orchestrates control and monitoring of a multiple-compressor system
  • Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) based
  • Can only use available commands: Start/Stop, Load/Unload, %load with variable compressors or %IGV with centrifugal compressors
  • Works with various compressor makes and models and types
  • May incorporate production schedules and IO signals from production
  • Can be integrated into plant SCADA systems
  • Can control PFCs and SOV, AUX equipment
  • Can help meet “IIoT” goals with remote monitoring
    • Specific efficiency (m3/min)/kW or (cfm /HP)
    • Specific energy or power (kWh/m3) or (kW/100cfm)
    • No unneeded compressor left running
    • Stable, acceptable system pressure


  • CALMS PM-X is a device that is installed in Compressed Air System room and gather data from all connected sensors and equipment and send it to CALMS web application through mobile network;
  • Sending data packages every minute with sample rate 5 sec - scope function 1 sec;
  • Control types of PM-X devices: PM-2 (up to two compressors), PM-4 ( up to 4 compressors), PM-8 ( up to 8 compressors)) PM-16;
  • Many sensors (Pressure, Flow, Temperature, Vibration, Current, Power, Dewpoint, particles and other 4-20mA sensors) can be connected to device;
  • Can read data from many different slave devices (MODBUS RTU, TCP, PROFIBUS, ADS, OPC. .);
  • General alarm output–>Alarm relay output can be used for real time signaling;
  • EMCS-Integrated system controller for regulation of compressors, dryers and all other CAS equipment;
  • CAL-C-ON/OFF is a compressor interface module for ON/OFF or VSD compressors with integrated power analyser ( with 3 phase CTs)
  • CFC (CALMS Pressure Flow Controller);
  • SOV (Shut Off Valves);
  • Flexible & Multiple devices for each compressor room connected to the same system
  • Can be integrated into customer SCADA system;
  • Automatic energy data analysis and reports
  • 3G/4G communication
  • Easy to use remote interface with remote access


  • Master controls won’t fix an otherwise broken system! Incorrect compressors size, system volume and distribution system must be adequate.
  • Always start with an audit to evaluate the benefits of controls and get Functional Specification
  • Over expectation - avg. gains 12%, but applicability rate is 20% - so potential contribution 2.4% (CAS in EU 2001)
  • Consideration Risk - Will 10 minute of downtime offset 2 years of energy savings? (Reliability / Efficiency)
  • Compressors modifications/repairs have been identified
  • Buy where, from whom, DIY / standard products or custom design?
  • A control specification and goals are needed

Technical data

Portable Measurement Cabinet with Embedded PC-PLC system with Ethernet connection and 3G router
*Embedded PC-PLC
Operator panel HMI 4.3 inch 480×272 Touch
*micro SD 4 GB
*8-channel analog input terminal 4…20 mA,
*4-channel digital input terminal 24 V DC
*1x 3-phase power analyzer measurement terminal, max. 500 V AC 3~, max. 5 A,
Compatible with CTs from 5 to 32000A / 5A – not included
*Power Supply 24Vdc, 4A, 100W
*Aux connection material, terminals, cables, wires 4x20m with connectors