Flow Control

The easiest and most effective way to control compressed air system pressure and flow with an online monitoring application.

The CALMS Flow Controller (CFC) & Compressed Air Control System controls Compressors and the airflow/pressure being delivered thereby reducing artificial demand in the Plant.

CFC is a flow control valve used with CALMS CAL-PM-x box for regulation and online optimization purpose. By performing a CALMS CFC analysis on a compressed air system, the lowest possible operating air pressure will be learned. Using this calculation, big enough storage and CFCs unique ability to meter compressed air at constant pressure, overall demand-side pressure can be lowered. By lowering demand-side pressure, leaks will consume less compressed air, thus saving considerable energy.

Benefits of CALMS Flow Controller CFC

  • Average SAVINGS 8%, possible savings 15% or more !

  • Simplified electrical regulation valve with special designed disc valves

  • Isolates Supply side (Compressors) from Demand side (peaks)

  • Easy to install as many as you need for multiple production lines

  • Saves Compressed Air Energy through reduction in Artificial Demand

  • CFC flow controllers are measuring flow and pressure

  • Online monitoring - CFC is the only device that has online monitoring and compressor

  • control integrated

  • Remote monitoring and control

  • Ramped start opening for ensuring dry air

  • Reduces leakages losses in departments with shut-off function

  • Enhances useful storage capability

  • Reduces unload period of compressors

  • Ensures LOW and constant (stable) air pressure different for each production line

  • Easy Setting the Optimum Plant Pressure on CALMS with online trending

  • Pressure set point resolution: 0.08 bar (1 psig)

  • Pressure control in the range of: 2-40 barg / 30- 580 psig

  • Fail safe operation


  • Multiple valves connect to one CAL-PM-x control box
  • All CFC valves come with flow calibration option
  • Bi-directional also as back-pressure controller
  • Control based on flow or pressure
  • Space saving wafer type construction
  • Easy installation by customer
  • Lowest possible size and weight
  • No dry air needed for operation
  • Low operation noise level (quiet operation)
  • Self-adaption
  • Operating pressures up to 40 bar (580psi)
  • Control of high differential pressures with small actuators
  • Programmable pressure setpoints schedules for multiple CFC valves

CALMS - Compressed Air Management System - Process diagram CFC

CFC is installed somewhere inside the factory. All measured data will be sent to the CALMS – PM by analog 4…20mA signal. CALMS – PM has an antenna, which allows data transmission to the CALMS virtual cloud, if connection is established. Data inside the cloud will be sent to the CALMS platform, where data are shown in graphic or numerical form. That allows you to analyze your compressed air system.

For more details open DATASHEET


ModelDescriptionPipe diaFlowPressurePressure SP resolution
mm / inchm3/minBar / PSIBar / PSI
CFC-50CAEMS Flow Controller DN50 (2”) with CAEMS online connectionDN50 / 2″2-2510 / 1450.05 / 1
CFC-65CAEMS Flow Controller DN65 (2 ½”) with CAEMS online connectionDN65 / 2.5″2-3410 / 1450.05 / 1
CFC-80CAEMS Flow Controller DN80 (3”) with CAEMS online connectionDN80 / 3″5-4510 / 1450.08 / 1
CFC-100CAEMS Flow Controller DN100 (4”) with with CAEMS online connectionDN100 / 4″5-8910 / 1450.08 / 1
TypeCFC-50, 65, 80, 100
CAEMS Flow Controller, Regulation range 5-10 bar, resolution 0.05 bar, flow range- check table,
Regulation valves -MRVDN50(2”)– electrical fast acting regulation valves 0-100% , 4-7 sec
Bypass valves -BRVDN50(2”)- electric regulation valves with Fail safe (NO)
Web communicationCALMS web monitoring connection with 3G router
SensorsPressure transmitter IN and OUT 0-16 barg
Flowmeter function (calibrated 0-120 m/s +-3%)
Embedded PC-PLC 8090, micro SD 1GB
Operator panel HMI 4.3 inch 480×272 Touch- Ethernet
Ethernet and EtherCAT connection
4-channel analog input terminal 4…20 mA, single-ended, 12 bit, 4 x 2-wire system
2-channel analog output terminal 4…20 mA, 4 x 2-wire system
4-channel digital input terminal 24 V DC, filter 3.0 ms, 2-wire system
4-channel digital output terminal 24 V DC, filter 3.0 ms, 2-wire system
Power Supply24Vdc / 110Vac/220Vac, 2A, 60W, Electrical cabinet