CALMS CAL-Edge is a highly sophisticated and affordable remote data logger for compressed air systems. The device connects directly to CALMS web platform which provides real-time access to data from any web browser for any end-user and their service partner.


  • The easiest and cheapest solution for doing air audit online with independent experts
  • Shows where to save on energy costs
  • Helps improve your energy efficiency
  • Save your time and improve the organization
  • Calculates costs in relation to actual consumption
  • Increases the reliability of your equipment
  • Creates forecast of energy consumption
  • Increases your environmental image
  • Improves the investment process (energy equipment)
  • ISO 50001:2011, Energy management systems compliant


  • Plug & Play device, remote monitoring/alarming/reporting and air auditing, designed for compressed air systems
  • WEB based application for total air management ties CALMS monitoring together with
  • CALMS leak management
  • Datalogger for compressed air system provides readings for web-based detailed
  • analysis and simulation tools
  • Energy management tools – Specific power, M/T, CUSUM analysis
  • Detailed analysis of compressed air system with auto-generated reporting, warning of
  • poor efficiency with potential savings calculation compared to best in class efficiency
  • from CALMS knowledge database
  • SIMULATION module integrated
  • Compressed Air Performance Scorecards
  • Expandable
  • Secure internet connection between the device and CALMS web application
  • Multiple data export options (CSV, XML), and easy online printing
  • Automated monthly reports send by email
  • Alarms & Warnings email or SMS notification including analysis data
  • Multiple access for end-users and experienced CA service providers
  • Remote software upgrade capability
  • LTE cellular modem 3G / 4G
  • No need for local operator panels – access from anywhere with tablet or smartphone
  • Robust industrial design

Compressed Air Key Measurements

Analog measurements (up to 8 analog inputs 4-20mA)

  • System pressure
  • System flow
  • Amps/power for each compressor

Optional analog measurements

  • Dew Point
  • Ultrasound vibration amplitude detector
  • Temperature
  • Branch Flow

Other communication protocols

  • MODBUS RTU - RS485
  • Database queries
  • OPC UA client
  • ADS client

All functionalities in one single device-data logger

  • Electricity consumption measurement (kWh)
  • Direct data interchange/communication (LTE)
  • Concentrator (analog inputs)
  • Connection of additional meters and sensors
  • Tracking of process values
  • Detail analysis through service partner
  • Equipment performance analysis and alarming