CALMS system is designed as a cloud web server platform that connects factories as end-users to service providers as maintenance and equipment suppliers and compressed air experts as auditors. – a solution you can start using tomorrow for a monthly fee or connect with the expert.

What are benefits using independent external expert:

  • To reduce operating costs, it is very important to improve and maintain compressed air system efficiency.
  • Applying holistic system approach is the key to increasing CAS efficiency and reducing costs.
  • Increase reliability with assessments, predictive maintenance and equipmnet testing
  • Increase safety considerations
  • Open architecture & independent platform
  • Using international standards
    • ASME EA-4–2010 - Energy Assessment for Compressed Air Systems
    • ISO 11011: 2013 Compressed air – Energy efficiency – Assessment
    • CSA 837-16 - Monitoring and energy performance measurements of CAS
  • Reduction of CO2 Emission

If you already are an expert start a journey with us!

To connect with CALMS use this link.

A full assessment of compressed air system include the complete system:

  • Supply Side equipment (including - installation, control, maintenance, ventilation)
  • Distribution Side pipelines, rings, leaks
  • Demand Side users (pressure, use type, special requirements, leaks, AD, IU)